Doris Tyrrell Memorial Prize

In September 2013, the Delhi Women’s Club established a design competition to honor a dear friend and promote Delhi’s Annual Fair on the Square. The tradition of the award is being continued by the new Delhi Women & Men's Club.

Doris Tyrrell was a woman of many talents and great energy. She was an accomplished miniature artist, a master gardener, and she was devoted to Delhi, the village she lived in and loved. Doris served on the O’Connor Hospital Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, was a member of Business and Professional Women, and a founding member of the Delhi Women’s Club. But perhaps the thing that gave her most pleasure was the Annual Delhi Fair on the Square. Over the years, Doris served the Fair in many roles including as treasurer and member of the design committee, and in the last years of her life, along with others, she sold commemorative t-shirts during the Fair. We can think of no better way to honor Doris than this prize, which will always carry her name.

The Delhi Courthouse Square, depicted on the famous July 7, 1951 Saturday Evening Post cover by Stevan Dohanos, is the site of the Fair on the Square. In 1973, then Mayor Eleanor Volante came up with the idea of a fair to boost community spirit and raise money to relieve some of the damage of the flood the village had suffered that spring. The Fair on the Square proved so popular that the festivities on the Courthouse Square “every Friday night in July” have continued uninterrupted for 40 years. These are truly Rockwellesque Americana evenings of simple pleasures from listening to music, watching children play games, enjoying the entertainment of a juggler, and tasting the variety of foods, to surveying the beautiful work of arts & crafts vendors.

Below are two links to Fair on the Square videos. In the first, a flash mob makes an appearance during a rainy evening at the Fair. The second video provides a general look at an evening at the fair and people’s impressions of it. Best of all, you will see and hear Doris as she sells the Fair’s commemorative t-shirts and sweatshirts.


The DWMC Doris Tyrrell Memorial 

Fair-on-the-Square Design Contest Guidelines

Call for Designs - Deadline, April 10, 2017
Artists of all ages are invited to enter the contest. Each artist will create and submit an original design to the Doris Tyrrell Memorial Prize Committee of the Delhi Women & Men's Club. Artists may use any medium, but will create and submit only one design. Preferred actual size is 13" x 17", and entries should be roughly proportional to that size. The design will be judged for originality, applicability to the Fair on the Square, and suitability for t-shirts, bags, aprons, posters and other Fair-on-the-Square promotional items. The winning design may be reduced (or enlarged) in order to conform to our use on a particular item, and the name, date, and place of the event will be added, but the artist's work will not be otherwise edited. 
A committee of five (including two people who work in the visual arts) will review the designs submitted and select a winner, who will receive $250, and a t-shirt featuring his/her winning design.


Artist's Reproduction Rights:
The original artwork of the winning design remains the property of the Fair-on-the-Square Committee, and will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Fair-on-the-Square. The artist may use copies of the design for self promotion, portfolio work or exhibits, but will agree that the winning design will not be used for any other festival or event. The artist will be given credit on all printed matter and anywhere the design is used for the 2017 Delhi Fair on the Square. The contest entries not selected will be returned only if the artist provides us with a self-addressed, stamped mailing container (of a size appropriate for the entry). 
The winner will be notified by April 30, 2017.


Submit Design by April 10, 2017 to:

Andrea F. Campbell, Chair
Doris Tyrrell Memorial Prize Committee
8 Park Place
Delhi, NY 13753



For more information, see our Facebook page, visit the Delhi Women & Men’s Club website at, or call Andrea Campbell at 607-746-3564.