Supporting Our Young Women & Men at Delaware Academy

DWMC Scholarship Guidelines 2020

1. The Scholarship Award was established to assist people planning to continue their education at accredited institutions of higher education.

2. People who are permanent residents of the Delaware Academy School District are eligible to apply.

3. Extra-curricular and/or community service activities, application essays, academic record and financial need are among the areas considered in making the award. Academic transcripts and financial aid forms should NOT be submitted. Applications must be printed SINGLE-SIDED ONLY. Please title any addition pages (i.e. “Extra-Curricular Activities”), but DO NOT put your name or address on any page other than the first page. This is because the applications are evaluated blind without the committee knowing the applicant’s name.

4. The number of awards and award amount(s) will be determined each year by a vote of the Scholarship Committee. In 2020 there will be four scholarships of $1,000 each.

5. The Scholarship Committee will publicize the availability of the scholarship through local media and social media to the best of their ability.

6. Applications for the Scholarship Award must be emailed or mailed via U.S. Postal Service. In either case, they must be received by June 15. 2020.

7. Screening of applications and the selection of winner(s) will be conducted by the Scholarship Committee.

8. For 2020 ONLY: due to the pandemic and gathering restrictions there will be NO award presentation. Winners will be notified by email and announced on the DWMC website and on our Facebook page

9. For 2020 ONLY: due to the pandemic and gathering restrictions physical presentation of the Scholarship will not be made. Certificates will be mailed after the winners have been notified. The award will be a certificate that will state the amount of the award. The Scholarship shall be a one year award, to be made in two payments. One payment will be made in the fall semester for one-half of the amount and one payment will be paid in the spring semester, upon verification of enrollment and good standing from the registrar’s office at the recipient’s college.

10. Failure to complete the application as directed will result in elimination from consideration.

11. There is no need to submit a copy of these Guidelines. Please submit the cover and application ONLY.


I am so honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Marian Winand Scholarship this year. It never ceases to impress me the support and dedication the DWMC provides to our local community and its aspiring scholars year after year, not to mention succeeding to do so in the current state of our world.


- Ted Vickers  (Delaware Academy, Class of 2019)

The opportunity [to study at RPI] would not have been possible without the help of your organization. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my fellow students in our community.


- Jillian Lees  (Delaware Academy, Class of 2019)

It is comforting to know that there is a group of such highly respected members of the Delhi community giving me their support in my pursuit of an education. Thank you for all of your time and efforts in helping me achieve my goals; because of you I am one step closer.


- Ben Branigan

Your generosity and award will help to defray my educational expenses for next year. Thank you very much!


- Lindsey McGowan




Dollars In Scholarships in 2019

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